Turning Thoughts into Action

(aka my first post!)

Hello world! This is officially my first post on my blog, so I will take the opportunity to tell you a little bit about myself…

My name is Stephanie and officially I have been learning Japanese for over half of my lifetime. I was incredibly lucky to attend a secondary school specialising in languages and started studying Japanese aged 11. I have always enjoyed learning languages but I caught the Japanese learning bug quite quickly, mainly because it was so different from anything I had come across before.

I initially had my heart set on a career using Economics but I was so eager to carry on with Japanese after studying it to A-level that I went on to complete a degree in Business Management & Japanese. I graduated some time ago now but have been trying hard to keep up my language skills ever since, and finally got round to passing JLPT N2 last summer. To goal now is get as close to fluent as I can whilst living in the UK and keeping up to date with current affairs, with the hope that I will be able to use this in my career in the future. The idea for my blog has been in the pipeline for a long time but I have finally decided to put my thoughts into action and get blogging about something I have been passionate about for such a long time.

Although there are so many more amazing resources out there for learning Japanese, my approach to learning the language has changed now that I am no longer studying it formally. This blog will be all about different approaches to the language learning journey as well as a way for me to document all of the resources that have helped me out on the way. I hope you stay tuned and you find something of use!